Monday, December 1, 2014

Fields Good Chicken

I'm always looking for a new lunch spot by my office.  My team recently had a team meeting and ordered in from Fields Good Chicken.  Although I had walked by many times before I had never ventured in... and I'm now regretting the lost opportunities I had to enjoy Fields Good Chicken's awesomeness.

Fields Good Chicken is dedicated to healthy roast chicken.  After the owner began traveling cross-country for a professional cycling career, he realized how difficult it was to find fast, healthy food.  He decided to change that and Fields Good Chicken was born.

Fields Good Chicken is a great alternative to Chipotle, my normal lunch stalwart.  Fields Good Chicken is just as delicious as Fields Good Chicken and a bit lighter than Chipotle.  The chicken at Fields Good Chicken also tastes fresher and a bit more "whole."  The guacamole is also terrific and Fields Good Chicken has the option to add quinoa instead of brown rice so basically Fields Good Chicken wins all around.

Best of all, the menu very clearly marks the gluten free options with a big "GF."  Can't beat that.

Fields Good Chicken is a great lunch and dinner spot in the Financial District.  The hours are a bit limited on the weekends which is understandable given the location.  I can definitely see the place becoming a New York chain competing with Chipotle.  Do yourself a favor and pick up a Bueno Bowl the next time you're in the neighborhood.  You won't be disappointed.

Do you love it or do you love it?

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Fields Good Chicken
101 Maiden Lane
New York, NY

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