Thursday, August 1, 2013

The Haven

Last night my friend Ashley came down to visit me from Los Angeles.  She comes down semi-frequently as she often has appointments in San Diego to work with accounts down here and it's always great to see her as we usually check out a new restaurant together.  Last night was no exception, and we headed over to Kensington to check out Fish Public after she arrived.  Unfortunately Fish Public was closed, but on the flip side The Haven was open right down the street and offers gluten free crusts on all of their pizzas.

We had our pick of tables since we were eating a bit late at 9:15pm and sidled up to a booth.  I wasn't super hungry but still decided to order a pizza; I figured I could always take some to go as leftovers and enjoy it over the next two days.  I ordered the "Besto" Shrimp pizza on the gluten free crust.  We also decided to split the brussel sprouts (holding the gorgonzola for me) and the caprese.  You can check out the restaurant's full menu here.

The brussel sprouts, sprinkled with chopped hazelnuts, were delicious.  They were grilled to be crispy and tasted excellent in the rather large serving size they were presented in.  The Caprese salad was just OK; nothing to write home about.

The pizza had great flavor but the crust was fairly underwhelming.  It was very thin, which is typical of a gluten free crust, but it also appeared to have been overcooked so it came out tasting very crunchy and cardboard-like.  The "Besto" flavoring made up for the poor crust on the gluten free pizza, but I don't think I would order a pizza again from The Haven.

All in all, I didn't love The Haven.  It had a decent ambiance and fair prices, but the food was nothing spectacular.
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The Haven
4051 Adams Avenue
San Diego, CA 92116 (Map)

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