Friday, May 3, 2013

URBN Pizza

Last night I finally had my first (friend) date with Taylor, my favorite waitress at Snooze.  When we first met I was blushing like a 13 year old school girl and fawning over her... fortunately she didn't think I was some weird creepy guy and giggled along with my friends about my schoolboy crush on her.  When I went back to the restaurant a few weeks later she again was my waitress.  When she remembered me I knew we were fated to be friends, despite her calling me out for not ringing her up since my previous visit to Snooze (she hadn't given me her number!).

Anyway, after weeks of texting and planning we finally met up at URBN in North Park.  The restaurant was on my list of places to visit since moving here courtesy of my good friend Lauren, but I hadn't noticed that it offered gluten free pizza.  When I ran into Taylor at the Hillcrest Farmer's Market she suggested URBN because of these gluten free offerings that were previously unknown to me.  Two suggestions are always better than one so we set our date at URBN.  We also bonded over the amazing Olive Oil Organic Cafe stand at the Hillcrest Farmer's Market which, if you haven't been to and live in the San Diego area, you must visit as soon as possible.

I was a bit late but warmly welcome by Taylor replete with champagne glass in hand, and there is truly no better way to start a date than with some bubbly right?  I had a sip of the champagne just to wet my whistle and decided to try the Improved Pigeon Fiesta, one of the restaurant's signature cocktails made with tequila and a host of other ingredients.  It was delicious and a good way to start the night after a tiring day.

As we caught up and reviewed the menu I put the ball in her court as for ordering.  She kindly requested my opinion on the final decisions before we ordered two small gluten free pizzas: the Mashed Potato (to which we added bacon and basil) and the Chicken + Spinach.

The Mashed Potato pizza is what you would imagine: pizza crust topped with mashed potatoes.  Without the added flavor of the bacon and basil I'm not sure the mashed potato would have had enough flavor.  I'd definitely recommend adding your flavor of choice, otherwise I imagine this pizza would be a little bland.  The Chicken + Spinach pizza was great, with large chunks of chicken and lots of spinach as you can see in the photo above.  The prices were reasonably, especially given that we both had about 6 slices to take home.

I'll definitely go back to URBN and sample more of the pizzas.  The atmosphere is great, the restaurant is cavernous, the drinks were delicious, and the service was helpful.  All in all, a successful first date with Taylor... I'm hoping she says yes when I asked her for the second!

Do you love it or do you love it?
- - -
URBN Pizza
3085 University Ave
San Diego, CA 92104 (Map)
(619) 255-7300

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Junhoandara said...

I LOVE this place. We gotta go again with my friend Sam who lives close by when I move back! xoxo