Sunday, May 19, 2013

The Baked Bear

I heard rumors of an amazing new ice cream sandwich shop in PB and was shocked to hear that the shop was offering homemade gluten free cookie sandwiches.  I'm not a tough sell: make me something sweet and you've found the key to my heart.  When I learned about The Baked Bear I knew I had to visit as soon as possible.

This past weekend I made it over to The Baked Bear and indulged in their gluten free ice cream 'wich.  The shop is big and welcoming, with indoor seating and a location practically on the beach.  They have lots of ice cream flavors which you can use to construct your ice cream sandwich.  The gluten free option is a chocolate chip cookie which you can then fill with your ice cream of choice.  For those of you bringing gluten eating friends they have a wide variety of gluten filled cookies from which you can choose; you can even mix and match two different types of cookies when building your perfect 'wich.

I went for the mint chocolate chip even though the rocky road did look quite appealing.  The cookie sandwich came out to $2.95 which, considering the often exorbitant prices of gluten free desserts, is definitely a bargain.  Of course it wouldn't matter if the cookie sandwich tasted horrible but, fortunately, that is not the case at The Baked Bear.  Instead, this cookie sandwich was unbelievably good.  The cookies tasted fresh baked and practically melted into the ice cream as I greedily ate chowed down on the 'wich.  I'll definitely be going back to the The Baked Bear, especially as summer begins in San Diego.

Do you love it or od you love it?
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The Baked Bear
4516 Mission Boulevard
San Diego, CA 92109 (Map)
(858) 886-7433

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