Sunday, April 28, 2013

The Mission Restaurant

This morning I visited The Mission, a brunch hot spot in Mission Beach which normally comes with an hour plus wait.  Fortunately Alessandro and I were a party of two so we only had a 30 minute wait.  During our wait we walked over to Better Buzz Coffee to pick him up some coffee.  He's still astounded by the fact that I've never had coffee... is that strange that I haven't had coffee?  I was going to experiment with it today but he didn't want to be liable for the possible after effects.

Anyway, the place was buzzing with activity.  Alessandro mentioned that it is normally full of hungover USD students but that wasn't this morning's crowd; instead it was full of pregnant women.  Lots of pregnant women.  There was so much estrogen in the air I felt like I was in a sorority house.  It was a bit odd, since I had been expecting a younger scene but hey, pregnant women have to eat too, right?

After picking up some coffee (and summer fruit passion tea for me) we had .  The restaurant has a pretty big gluten free menu and the waitress was helpful with choosing my breakfast dish.  Ultimately I went with the Plata Verde con Huevos as it most closely approximated my normal brunch order of huevos rancheros.  They were delicious, definitely different than huevos rancheros with the flavor of the sweet corn tamales and roasted tomatillo sauce.  I enjoyed the food but was a little thrown off by the ambiance.

All in all, I'd visit again, particularly because of its awesome location steps away from the beach.  The restaurant also has locations in North Park and the East Village which may bring in a different clientele.

Do you love it or do you love it?
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The Mission Restaurant
3795 Mission Boulevard
San Diego, CA 92109 (Map)
(858) 488-9060

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