Sunday, March 10, 2013

Project Pie

Project Pie recently opened a location near my place in Hillcrest.  I tweeted the restaurant about its gluten free options and was told that they do have gluten free crust but that it is not prepared in a separate gluten free facility.

The employees at my local Project Pie were unbelievably friendly.  I went to the restaurant with Joe and Allie and when we walked in we were warmly greeted by the employees and guided through the ordering process.  The fast-casual restaurant has tons of options from which to choose; you can select one of Project Pie's designs or create your own.  The best part about Project Pie definitely has to be that the restaurant's pizzas are all flat fee regardless of how many toppings you add.  So many other pizza places will charge you an extra dollar or two if you try to go wild with toppings but you won't find that at Project Pie.

The fully formed pizza.
I placed an order for a #7: mozzarella, parmesan, garlic, fresh chopped basil, and sliced tomatoes.  I wasn't paying too much attention to them as they made the pizzas I busied myself with an iPad mini set up in the shop for your foursquare and twitter needs (smart marketing!).  When I went back to the counter to pick up my order an employee told me that the gluten free pizza had fallen apart so they were making me a new one.  I didn't mind waiting the extra two or three minutes and was surprised when they gave me the perfectly cooked pizza along with the malformed pizza to take home.  It's that kind of customer service that sets Project Pie apart.

In terms of San Diego pizza I'd rank this way above Chocolat but a bit below Local Habit; I think the crust at Project Pie was a bit spongier than at Local Habit and the pizza didn't have the same strong flavors of Local Habit.  That being said, for $7.50 you can't go wrong with this pizza especially as it is eminently customizable.  As a fast casual restaurant, Project Pie definitely meets the key requirements:  fast service, good quality, and inexpensive pricing.

Do you love it or do you love it?
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Project Pie
3888 4th Avenue
San Diego, CA 92103 (Map)

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beerab said...

My husband and I adore PP. We LIMIT ourselves to once a month, and we adore that we both can get exactly what we want and it costs us less than $20. :)

I tried the gluten free crust last time and I'm sticking to it, gluten free is probably better for you than white crust anyways!