Friday, March 29, 2013

Good 'n Natural

I was recently at my local Whole Foods and happened upon Good 'n Natural bars.  I'm always interested in trying new bars for my on-the-go needs so I picked up a Chocolate bar.  Based on the description on its packaging it seemed like a Larabar, one of my favorite on-the-go snacks.  I'm sure many other gluten free eaters share my frustration with food options when traveling.  While the gluten free market has exploded it is still often difficult to find a healthy gluten free option while on the go, especially in airports.  I know that airports generally may not have the healthiest food, but shouldn't there be some options at large airports like JFK and LAX?

It stayed in my bag for about a week or two as I didn't end up needing it but yesterday, during a particularly hungry afternoon at work, I snacked on the bar.  It's definitely going to be a new addition to my diet; it's filling, it's tasty, and it isn't expensive.  That last part is key, as some protein bars can cost upwards of $3 per bar.   When I priced out the bars online I saw they cost about $1.29 per bar, which is the same cost of a Larabar from my local Trader Joe's.  I found the Good 'n Natural to be more filling than a Larabar which is key when choosing a bar to snack on at work.

If you're a fan of Larabar or Kind bars I strongly suggest you check out Good 'n Natural.

Do you love it or do you love it?
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Good 'n Natural

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