Friday, March 8, 2013

Cupcakes Squared

I first stopped in at Cupcakes Squared when I was visiting San Diego to check out whether I wanted to move here or not.  After a quick Google search Cupcakes Squared seemed to be my best bet to find a gluten free cupcake and I obviously had to sample the gluten free offerings in the city before deciding whether to move here.

Cupcakes - squared! Get it?
Now that my move is all said and done I can't say that I have been back to Cupcakes Squared frequently.  It isn't for them lacking delicious cupcakes; indeed, the cupcakes were tasty and unique from other cupcakes, namely in that they are baked to be square (hence the name).  It's more of a geographic issue in that I'm often too tired (read: lazy) to head over to Point Loma on the weekends from the confines of Hillcrest/Banker's Hill.  That being said the few times I've made it over to Cupcakes Squared I've been greeted by friendly staff and a daily gluten free flavor.  If you are looking to check out Cupcakes Squared, I would definitely advise you to call ahead and check on the gluten free flavor of the day and make sure they still have some in stock, as they are a bit limited in the gluten free department.  The character of the space is also a bit lacking, with little seating offered and a location in a shopping center.  These are minor complaints, as I know we are in southern California and that's the norm, but for this born and raised east coast guy it's often a bit difficult to adjust.

Anyway, I will definitely check out Cupcakes Squared again when I'm in need of a gluten free treat.

Do you love it or do you love it?
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Cupcakes Squared
3772 Voltaire Street
San Diego, CA 92107 (Map)
(619) 226-3485

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