Thursday, January 3, 2013

Puffins Multigrain Cereal

I remember hearing my friends tell me how amazing Puffins were years ago and I recently noticed that the brand has a gluten free options on sale at Trader Joe's.  The box advertises them as gluten free and made with "pure" oats.

I really did not enjoy the Puffins.  They were bland and flavorless.  That being said, they do have quite a few positive nutritional benefits that other cereals don't; they are low in sugar, have a good amount of fiber, and have 9 grams of whole grains per serving.  Despite all the benefits, I think I'll steer clear from Barbara's Puffins Multigrain gluten free cereal until they change their recipe and add some flavor to the cereal.
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Rochelle said...

I found that this cereal is better if you sprinkle something on top. My favorite thing to add is cinnamon. Adding a bit of nutmeg is good, too!

Anonymous said...

I had a reaction to this cereal, so am wondering if it is truly gluten free...