Monday, January 28, 2013

M Street Kitchen

This past weekend I went back to my old home and where this whole blog began -  Los Angeles.  It was a quick overnight trip to visit with old friends and catch up with everybody.  My friend LoFo suggested a few restaurants in Santa Monica since most of my friends live on the westside of the city.  After reviewing her suggestions, M Street Kitchen seemed like the best option: a restaurant with a full gluten free menu and plenty of vegan options for Vanessa.

I went on a long, beautiful walk with Whitney, Lulu, LoFo along the cliffs of northern Santa Monica when the sun was shining overhead and the views over the ocean stretched to the south bay.  We headed over to M Street Kitchen to meet up with the rest of the group after a few miles of walking and working up our appetites.

I was so happy to see the other guests Tina, Hilary, and Betty that I was a little overwhelmed and it took me some time to get through the menu.  Ultimately I went for the vegetarian tacos.

I loved the tacos!  They were deconstructed so I could prepare them however I liked; there were plenty of vegetables, plenty of guacamole, and a heaping portion of black beans and rice.

As you can see the portions were enormous and definitely enough after the long walk in Santa Monica. All in all, M Street Kitchen was a great recommendation and definitely a good lunch or breakfast spot.  It's a big restaurant with plenty of outdoor seating and a large bar attached to it to suit all of your needs. I'd definitely visit again, especially since the menu suited everybody in the party.

Do you love it or do you love it?
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M Street Kitchen
2000 Main Street
Santa Monica, CA 90405 (Map)
(310) 396-9145

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