Thursday, October 18, 2012

Oat Meals

My sister recently spent a few days in New York and while she was there we decided to check out a new place for the blog.  I know I've been derelict in posting recently but there will be a slew of new posts and some big updates coming soon.

Anyway, we went over to Oat Meals for breakfast after learning about it on ScoutMob.  For those of you not in the know, ScoutMob is an awesome app similar to a GroupOn or LivingSocial.  However, unlike GroupOn or LivingSocial, you don't have to pay in advance to receive the deal; instead you walk in, show the waiter/cashier/etc. that you've redeemed the deal with a simple click of an icon on your phone, and there you have it - the deal is yours to enjoy!  It's very simple and has a lot of great deals in New York City, I highly recommend that you download it if you live in New York and enjoy similar deal sites.

Again, I digress.  We used the ScoutMob at Oat Meals after reading that all of the oats are gluten free and locally sourced from upstate New York.  It's right near Washington Square Park and is a tiny little shop, it would be a great place to go visit on a nice day when you can order your oatmeal and sit in the square to enjoy it.  My sister and I, however, visited on a rainy day when the shop was very popular.  Oat Meals isn't a full restaurant and has limited seating, so if you are going with a big group it it probably not the best option.

I ordered the caramel apple flavor with some pumpkin purée drizzle and the order was up in about five minutes.  My sister ordered something with blueberry and other additions but I didn't sample any of hers.

We both enjoyed OatMeals but weren't sure we would go back; oatmeal is simple enough to prepare at home so it didn't feel necessary to go out for it.  I like the concept of the restaurant but the execution didn't quite go through for me as the oatmeal didn't lack that little bit of special flavor that makes it a unique product difficult to recreate at home.  It was no one thing but a combination of things: the size of the space; the lack of strong flavor in the oatmeal; and the ease of preparing it at home on my own that would make me hesitate before going back to Oat Meals.
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Oat Meals (no link available)
120 W. 3rd Street
New York, NY 10012 (Map)
(646) 360-3570

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