Tuesday, July 3, 2012


You regular readers may have noticed a few updates on my page recently.  First off, I have a new design compliments of my friend Katy Jones.  She does amazing designs for Junk Food Clothing and graciously agreed to do some help designing my new logo.  You can also check out her Tumblr here: http://whatkatyjdid.tumblr.com/.

The new logo reflects my relocation to New York by including the subway and lettering similar to what you see on the subway.  While I miss the original design of the interchange between the 10 and the 405 freeways in west L.A., I felt that it was time to reflect my new location with a design.  I hope you like it too - I'm open to any and all comments!

In other news I deleted my Facebook page.  I couldn't tap into all of the features and found it very repetitive having Twitter, Foursquare, and (now introducing!) Instagram (under the name Gluten Freeways).  I think with all of these features you'll be able to keep up with me and where I'm eating Gluten Freeways through microblogging, geographic check-ins, and now photos.  Feel free to add me on any of these social media sites (links below) - I look forward to your comments.  If you're averse to social media, stick with the regular blog and you won't miss out (on too much).  Both Instagram and Foursquare are linked to my Twitter, so that is the main source for Gluten Freeways info other than the blog.  You can follow me on Instagram under the username Gluten Freeways.
I'm really excited about these new social media ventures, the site redesign, and what's coming up with Gluten Freeways and hope you are too.

Do you love it or do you love it?
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