Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Über by Larabar

After a few nights away at my apartment I came home to a surprise package from Larabar.  I was delighted to open it up and see that the company sent me the new Über bars in all four flavors.  When I looked more closely, however, I noticed that the bar was made of "whole fruits and nuts" and thus seems to compete with so many other fruit and nut bars out there.  I thought to myself: "How many of these similar bars can the market support?"

The original Larabar uses very simple ingredients (dates, nuts, sometimes chocolate chips, etc.) and so does the new Über line so I wondered how truly different they would taste.  My questions were quickly answered when I indulged in the Bananas Foster and almost immediately fell in love.  Damn that bar is good!  It is much crunchier than a normal Larabar but still has a nice chewy side unlike some of the other fruit and nut bars on the market which are all unsatisfying crunch.

Über bars are available in four flavors: Bananas Foster, Cherry Cobbler, Apple Turnover, and Roasted Nut Roll.  I really liked all of the flavors but definitely think that Bananas Foster is the one I will keep going back to.  I'm a huge fan of the original Larabar and infrequently enjoy the company's Jocalat but I think the Bananas Foster has quickly become my favorite Larabar favorite.

I've seen these on shelves around New York City so they should be popping up in your local grocery store soon.  They are definitely going to be in my on-the-go bag this summer!

Do you love it or do you love it?
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Über by Larabar

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CeliALISON said...

Have you tried ThinkThin Crunch? Another of the "Kind-like bars". They're good though, maybe less sugary than most snack bars.