Thursday, April 26, 2012

Slightly North of Broad

After leaving Asheville, NC (check out an updated post here with another post coming soon) I headed down to Charleston, SC.  It was my first visit to Charleston and I was pleasantly surprised by the city; the water views are gorgeous, the history is very interesting, and the people are extremely friendly.  It also doesn't hurt that the weather was beautiful, with plentiful sunshine on most days.

Of course no city visit would be complete without surveying the scene for gluten free folks and I have definitely done my part to try and steer you in the right direction for your next visit to Charleston.  On my first night in the city I headed to S.N.O.B., which stands for Slightly North of Broad.  I was a bit surprised by how dark the restaurant was when I first entered; it's easy to forget what time it is outside because of the decor and dim lighting in the restaurant.  I had read about the restaurant in the New York Times' 36 Hours in Charleston article so I was excited to check out the food regardless of the dark decor.

You can check out the restaurant's extensive gluten free menu here.  Our waiter was extremely helpful, even pointing out that the vodka the restaurant uses are made from corn so all of the vodka drinks were gluten free friendly.  I couldn't resist having one and ordered the Huck Finn, which was delicious.  You can check out the full cocktail menu here.

For dinner I went with the Kurios Farm Bibb Lettuce Salad and loved it.  The creamy avocado dressing was a special treat having come from New York; I became so accustomed to fresh avocado in L.A. but can't seem to replicate the experience in NYC.  The dressing was delicious and paired perfectly with the Bibb Lettuce.

It was a difficult decision for me between the flounder and the vegetable plate, but I ultimately went with the flounder because the vegetable plate sounded interesting.  The veggies rotate nightly and even hourly, as the chef decides which vegetables to prepare for each individual plate that is ordered.  Ultimately the flounder sounded more interesting and I figured I should take advantage of being so close to fresh seafood.  I again loved my dish and was happy to have great gluten free options available along with a very knowledgeable waiter.

I would definitely go back to S.N.O.B. if I visit Charleston again despite the restaurant's dark decor and dim lighting.  I definitely would have liked to see it brightened up a bit, especially because the city itself is so sunny.

Do you love it or do you love it?
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Slightly North of Broad
192 East Bay Street
Charleston, SC 29401 (Map)
(843) 723-3424

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