Monday, February 20, 2012


I always love exploring new areas and have been derelict in exploring the great neighborhoods and museums that New York has to offer.  I finally corrected that in a marathon day on Saturday, beginning at the Museum of Modern Art and meeting Traivor there.  After the museum we headed over to a great wine bar in Hell's Kitchen, just a bit west of MoMA, called Ardesia.  It's on a very new block in the neighborhood and is surrounded by beautiful, newly-constructed buildings.  The bar is a large space with a great vibe and a delicious selection of wines.  By the time we had finished our glasses, we were both feeling peckish.  I don't know the neighborhood very well, so I charged Traivor with finding us a good restaurant with gluten free options.  He suggested Nizza and mentioned that the restaurant has an extensive gluten free menu.

When we arrived to Nizza I wasn't disappointed by the gluten free menu, as the restaurant serves up gluten free pasta and their own unique pizza-like dish, Socca.  Soccas are chickpea pancakes that are served similarly to pizzas and are available with various toppings.  They can also be ordered plain, but after asking the waitress' opinion I opted for the Vegetarian Bianca.  We also ordered a bottle or red wine to complement our dishes, although I can't remember which bottle we selected.

While we sipped our wine a busboy came over and dropped off two loaves of bread: one gluten free and one not gluten free.  I was so excited and shocked to have my own bread at the restaurant.  The bread which Nizza serves is crunchy with great seasoning that really embellish the flavor; even though Traivor isn't gluten free, he prefers the gluten free bread.  It's always a testament to the quality of a gluten free product when a non-gluten free person enjoys it.  Soon after I picked my jaw up off the floor after being given gluten free bread, the vegetarian socca and Traivor's dish were delivered to our table.  The vegetarian socca came topped with spinach, mushrooms, artichokes, and roasted peppers and was absolutely delicious.  Instead of being too crunchy with little flavor like many other gluten free pizza crusts, the socca was chewy with a sweetness to it.

I would definitely go to back to Nizza and try another one of the restaurant's soccas; the waitstaff is friendly, the prices are decent, and the ambience is great.

Do you love it or do you love it?
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630 9th Avenue
New York, NY 10036 (Map)

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