Wednesday, November 30, 2011

"Should We All Go Gluten-Free" New York Times Article

I'm a bit late to post this article, but in case you haven't seen it the New York Times Magazine had an article titled "Should We All Go Gluten-Free?" this past Sunday.

It took me a few days after seeing the article to find the time to read the entire piece, but after doing so I can say that the title is definitely a misnomer for the article's contents.  The article doesn't suggest that everybody would be better off on a gluten free diet; instead, it chronicles the explosion of gluten free products available for gluten free consumers.  The article primarily focuses on General Mills, the food conglomerate that creates Rice Chex, Bisquick, and the website

The article is interesting and perhaps worth the read if you are new to being gluten free.  While it has some interesting data about the increasing number of Celiacs in the United States, the most important takeaway for me from the article was that major food companies are committing to the gluten free diet.  It's important to see large food manufacturers take on these issues as Celiac Disease becomes a more common diagnosis. Hopefully General Mills' focus on gluten free products will complement small businesses who are committed to providing gluten free consumers with safe products.

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"Should We All Go Gluten-Free?"
By Keith O'Brien
New York Times 

Monday, November 14, 2011

Check In with Gluten Freeways on Foursquare!

Since getting my iPhone I've implemented a new feature for Gluten Freeways: checking in on Foursquare. You can check out my page here or feel free to add me as a friend if you are also using Foursquare to check in.  I'll use it to broadcast when I am visiting a gluten free establishment.  I think it is a great way to let readers know some of my favorite spots around New York City and in assorted vacation spots.  You can see where I check in by visiting my Twitter page, too.

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Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Gluten Freeways Does New York

Well it's official: I am a New Yorker (again). I know this is big news for you readers used to my posts about the latest and greatest gluten free spots in Los Angeles, but I hope to be shuttling back and forth enough to continue posting about L.A.

It was a difficult decision to move back to New York, but ultimately it seemed like the right one. Who knows -- perhaps I will move back to L.A. After one New York City winter! In the meantime, tell any New York based friends you have that I've made the jump -- I'm excited to continue building my readership and am looking for new ways to connect with my readers. Please also keep sending in your tips, whether they are in New York, Los Angeles, or somewhere in between -- I am always on the lookout for great gluten free eats.

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