Monday, September 26, 2011

Eis Voh

Without my faithful Twitter followers (follow me!) I would not have found Eis Voh.  My friend Joe sent me the site Gluten Frei Berlin, through which I found Cha Cha and Eis Voh.  While Eis Voh seemed to be a bit far from where I was staying in Mitte, I had a week-long pass for all of the public transportation in Berlin and figured it would be an adventure to another area of Berlin.  I'm very happy I made the trip!  The owners were extremely helpful and very gracious and I was greeted by a huge display of gluten free treats.

 I began speaking with the woman working behind the counter, but her English was a bit fractured.  After I placed my order (the treats were all helpfully labeled "glutenfrei"), she called her husband.  I spoke to him for a long time and they were very happy to have a guest hailing from Los Angeles.  We spoke about how I had heard about the shop, my time in Berlin, and where I was headed to next.  I picked up some delicious slices of fruit cake and chocolate cake for my friend Ezra and I to enjoy, as we were definitely in need of some gluten free sustenance in Berlin.

Perhaps the best part about visiting Eis Voh was that they had a terrific gluten free beer for sale.  I took two for the road; one for Ezra, and one for me.  I absolutely loved this beer!  If you are in Germany you need to seek this beer out -- it totally blows Redbridge out of the water.  People often ask me to compare it with "real" beer.  It has been a long time since I've had "real" beer so I'm not sure I can make a great comparison but the Neumarkter Lammsbrau definitely is a closer approximation to gluten-filled beer than Redbridge.
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Eis Voh
Bundesalle 118
12161 Berlin (Map)

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