Wednesday, June 1, 2011

The Blog Has Left The Building

I've received a few tweets, some e-mails, and some comments asking me why my posting has been so light.  In a sad bit of news, I've left Los Angeles.  I graduated from law school in mid-May and am now studying for the bar exam.

Don't worry -- I'll be back in a new city with plenty of updates soon!  And for you Angelenos, keep the tips coming, as I'll still be posting about L.A. and (hopefully) making frequent trips back.

My posts will be infrequent this summer because of my studies, but keep the tips coming!


gluten-free freak said...

you are in deep gluten free shiz mister if you left without a good bye drink!!!

Amy said...

Good luck on the bar exam! Will look forward to more posts once you've passed.

Nicki said...

Where did you move?