Friday, February 4, 2011

ThinkThin Giveaway

Great news -- I get to run another giveaway!  I was recently contacted by Rachel from ThinkThin, who offered to run a contest through my site.  My regular readers know that I love ThinkThin bars and have posted about the multiple times.  ThinkThin bars were one of the first gluten free bars that I found on the market and have been a fan ever since.  I actually remember when the bars looked like this:

Think Thin! as I guess they were going by back then has since updated its look to a cleaner, more modern design which I think complements its gluten free nature better than the old packaging.

Rachel has offered to give three (3) lucky winners a pack containing: ten (10) protein bars, ten (10) crunch bars and two (2) boxes of bites.  Whoa!  That is a lot of bars and bites.  These bars are great to travel with and the bites are great snacks to get you through your day.  My favorite bar is the White Chocolate Chip bar, although I am a big fan of the new crunch bars.

So now you are probably wondering how to enter.  It's simple!  Leave a comment below answering one of the three below questions along with your e-mail address or some way to contact you and you'll be entered to win!  This contest expires February 14th at 5pm.

(1) Which flavor would you like to see ThinkThin introduce?
(2) What is your favorite ThinkThin flavor?
(3) How do you incorporate ThinkThin products into your day?

Good luck!  I look forward to reading your comments.

Do you love it or do you love it?
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Unknown said...

I first incorporated ThinkThin products into my day as a recovery snack after my runs. I am an outdoor runner and love to find new trails and neighbourhoods to explore. Of course, it is important to feed my muscles after I finish 6 or 8 miles. I wished and hoped there would be a gf protein bar and when I discovered ThinkThin I was so happy! I could stuff it in my running bag and was never without a rewarding and beneficial snack. I also use it as a law student -- a pick me up during long study sessions. I also freeze cut up pieces and then add them into Greek yogurt for a ridiculously yummy and healthy dessert!

Jocelyn said...

1. chocolate coconut caramel would be awesome! (think girl scouts samoas)
2 & 3. (yes I'm a multitasker) I love having the white chocolate chip protein bar on my way to work in the mornings

Anonymous said...

I'd like to see ThinkThin introduce a cranberry or pomegranate with nuts flavor :) *Thanks* for the giveaway!

Anonymous said...

My favorite is the thinkThin Chocolate Covered Strawberries Protein Bar.

Anonymous said...

I haven't tried ThinkThin products yet, but would love to eat them for a meal replacement or snack :)

Christine said...

I haven't tried ThinkThin yet, but I'm always on the lookout for good low calorie/low fat bars to help me prevent excessive snacking.

CeliALISON said...

ThinkThin needs a jolt of java into their flavors - I say Espresso Chunk: a rich coffee flavored bar with nibs of dark chocolate.
My favorite flavor currently is Crunchy Peanutbutter, and these bars are a lifesaver for me when I need a meal on the go. They're actually satisfying and I feel like I'm getting wholesome, assuredly gluten-free nutrition.

Liam said...

I would love to see an Oatmeal Raisin. My favorite is the Chocolate Covered Strawberry. I usually eat one late afternoon about an hour before I hit the gym.

Aryn said...

A chocolate and raspberry flavor would be awesome. I love the brownie crunch. I had a business trip yesterday and brought four bars with me because they're so easy to eat when traveling.