Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Nature's Hilights Rice Crust Pizza

After work the other day I went over to my friend Hilary's place to spend the evening watching a predictably cheesy movie with some wine and dinner.  She lives close to the Whole Foods at 3rd & Fairfax so we took a nice evening stroll to WF to see what the store had available for our dining needs.  Hilary is great to eat with because she is totally gluten-free friendly.  Some of my other friends jokingly refer to their food as "human food" alongside my gluten free food, but Hilary never turns her nose up at my imitation pasta and bread.  She's an equal opportunity foodie, you could say.

Anyway, we opted for pizza.  Unfortunately this particular evening was a late night so no pizza places were still for us to pick up.  We looked through the gluten free freezer section and chose the Nature's Hilights Rice Crust Pizza, which is lactose, cholesterol, gluten and yeast free.

Turns out it is is also taste free.  This was not a good pizza.  Don't let that delicious-looking picture on the box fool you -- this pizza is really one of the worst.  Of course this is just my opinion (and I would love your reactions below).  The crust was extremely thin, thinner than a fingernail, and the cheese had no flavor.  The sauce didn't add anything either.  It's too bad -- when we first opened the pizza it looked great.  We were definitely burned by this pizza.

This option is a last resort for me... honestly, even if I were craving pizza and this was the only thing on the shelf, I don't think I would pick it up.  I would just delay my craving and pick up a pizza later on.  This doesn't approximate gluten-filled pizza in any way.

You can also whip up your own pizza using Trader Joe's Brown Rice Tortillas, as that is what this pizza crust tasted like.  That way you'd be able to spice it up with your own toppings!

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