Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Breakaway Bakery

Earlier last week I was invited to check out Breakaway Bakery, a new gluten-free spot in Mid-City.  Well, I'm not sure if it's Mid-City... but that is what I'm going to go ahead and call it; it's on Pico Boulevard between Hauser and Cochran -- a great location for me as it is on my way to school!  My friend Lindsey had recommended that I visit Breakaway back in December, but with an extended winter break in Arizona,  at home and in New York City, I just recently managed to visit Breakaway.  The Bakery derives its name from the idea of "breaking away" from unhealthy foods and many of the top allergens (wheat, soy, peanuts, etc.).  Janice's husband is also a cyclist and you can see the cyclist influence in the bakery's logo below.

As I walked into the bakery I was warmly greeted by Janice, the owner, and Krystal.  My eyes were feasting on all of the delicious-looking treats the store beautifully displays in glass cases on the main counter while Janice talked to me about some of their products.  I had trouble focusing but I somehow managed to focus on Janice and take my mind off of the amazing scones, raspberry crumble bars, chocolate mint scouties, and other assorted baked goods.  Janice informed me that the bakery does not use any refined sugar or agave in their products.  This is a big difference from many other bakeries which Janice attributed to the fresh-on-the-market nature of agave.  She expressed an interest in researching agave more before deciding whether to include it in her baked goods.

The bakery's products also provide eaters with substantial servings of whole grains, as the bakery uses only organic brown rice flour instead of pre-made flour mixes.  The bakery is also peanut, soy, and gum free and is Kosher Pareve.  On that note, please be mindful of the bakery's hours -- they are not open on Saturday because of their Kosher certification!  I first visited on a Saturday and was disappointed to see that they are not yet open on Saturdays.  The bakery is very new, however, so this could change.

That was a lot of information; what you are probably wondering by now is whether the bakery's products were good.  I can answer with an emphatic yes.  What I most enjoyed about Breakaway, and what I believe separates it from other gluten free bakeries, is that it doesn't focus on cupcakes.  I think this is a smart move on Breakaway's part; while you regular readers know I'm a sucker for cupcakes, I truly enjoyed Breakaway's products which included organic fruit.  I sampled a lil' chocolate mint scoutie, a raspberry pinch, a snickerdoodle, a brownie, a scone and the raspberry crumble bar.  My favorites were the raspberry crumble bar and raspberry pinch; both were delicious.  I haven't had a similar treat in a long time, probably since becoming gluten free.  The fresh fruit flavor was amazing along with the great texture of the pinch surrounding the raspberry.  I also loved the snickerdoodle and lil' mint scoutie -- the scoutie tasted like what I remember a thin mint cookie tasting like!  Thin Mints were always my favorite of the Girl Scout cookies so it was a nice throwback to the days in which my sister was a Girl Scout.

Breakaway also offers vegan treats; I had an oatmeal raspberry cookie that was out of this world!

Of course I made a huge mistake -- I didn't take any pictures!  I'll update this post with pictures; in the meantime check out the bakery for yourself and leave me a comment letting me know what you think.

Do you love it or do you love it?
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Breakaway Bakery
5264 Pico Boulevard
Los Angeles, CA 90019 (Map)


Anonymous said...

Since they are Kosher - I would doubt very seriously that they will ever be open on Saturday - which is the Sabbath for Jews. I find it interesting that you try to state that this may change - unless they told you this - I doubt it is anything they are planning to do.
I would rather they make a good business and observe their religious traditions. It will go better for them. As we live in a society that for some reason we expect to have everything available to us on Sundays too. It is admirable that a bakery is observing a lovely break from business as usual ie: the Sabbath.
I say - more power to them and I'm sure their customers work around their schedule and buy on Friday or Monday. That's what America used to do ... take some time off and relax ... not anymore.

Stephen said...

The bakery's limited hours make it very difficult for those of us with full-time jobs to make it to the bakery Monday through Friday. To me, Saturday would be an important day for business. Your suggestion that customers work around the business' schedule seems like the opposite of smart business practices, particularly in a business such as a bakery which depends on its clients being able to visit and purchase the shop's goods.

I was told by Janice, the owner, that the Bakery is in its beginning months so we may see changes to the schedule. Here's hoping, since I really enjoyed it!

Anonymous said...

Well I am trying to explain to you what a religious Jew would do. They usually obey the Sabbath and as they are required by their religious laws to not even run the oven on the Sabbath it would stand to reason that they would not even be open. B'c they aren't even allowed to light their own ovens @ home ... by their laws. Maybe they responded to you b'c they knew you did not understand the intricacies of the Jewish Sabbath religious observations and so they didn't bother to explain it. But if they never open on Saturday - you heard it here first - I'm sure that their G-d is big enuf to take care of them regardless of who cannot make it to their shop between Monday and Friday of regular business hours. Just my thots. I'm sure they will ship things to peeps too.

Vanessa said...

but Real Food Daily is open on Saturdays...