Thursday, January 13, 2011


So many news things in this post - I'm a new guest blogger, I'm new to NYC, and I'm newly gluten free. Stephen so kindly and enthusiastically gave me a long list of gf spots and products in NYC, but I wanted to challenge his NYC savoir faire and find a gf place he hadn't tried. Disclaimer: I am not a foodie, nor do I know much about fancy cooking. I just know what tastes good, is relatively healthy, and doesn't make me sick, so basically I'm setting the bar pretty high :)

I stumbled upon Purume while wandering around with a fellow new-new yorker near Union sq. When I saw that they had gluten free penne with pesto and mixed vegetables and an assortment of vegan options (dairy and I aren't best friends either) I knew I'd found a gem! I was really in the mood for something savory, and the pesto penne was perfect. Great flavor, totally dairy free, not too heavy, and tons of fresh vegetables. Their gf menu isn't super extensive, but I'm they have some hearty soup and stir fry options too.

After round 1, I read some reviews online that weren't that stellar. Don't be fooled! The service is good, and they're really nice and attentive. Don't expect to pop in for a quick bite because they just don't move that fast, but you won't be ignored either. They're funky too - our waiter presented the dessert menu to us by bringing over the chalk board of specials and doing some grand gesture a la Vanna White. We didn't order any, but we kind of clapped for the show.

I wanted to try out their brunch and polish my own opinion of Purume. I had the tofu scramble with salmon and carrots, and while it looks like a bowl of mush, it was a delicious bowl of scrambled goodness. It was a nice alternative to the usual omelette brunch. Again, gluten free, dairy free, and delicious! It came with sweet potatoes and a little salad.

My friends got the falafel wrap (vegan) and the fruit pancakes. Warning - the pancakes were really dense. Like stick to my mouth with fruity deliciousness dense. They also have two types of syrup to choose from - pure agave and maple. So there's something there for your non- gf friends to enjoy too!

By the way, Purume is like an asian fusion dim sum noodle bar meets a macrobiotic vegan garden, then hooks up with some comfort food and projects movies and TV on the wall...just to keep it interesting. (They played a classic movie at night and the news during brunch.)
It's cozy, welcoming, tasty, and definitely worth a visit!

Do you love it or do you love it?
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Purumé (no site available)
9 East 13th Street
New York, NY 10003 (Map)

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