Thursday, December 23, 2010

Post Food Announces Two Newly Gluten Free Cereals

Big news! Well, sort of.  Post Cereals just announced that two cereals, Fruity and Cocoa Pebbles, will now be marked as gluten free.  The new design of the Fruity Pebbles box is featured below.

I say this is "sort of" big news because Fruity Pebbles have not contained gluten for quite some time.  In fact, I've been making my friends an amazing gluten free treat using Fruity Pebbles for a long time; I'll definitely post the recipe up soon!  However Fruit Pebbles were never certified as gluten free, so they are now a safe option for Celiacs.

Check out the full press release here.

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Fruity & Cocoa Pebbles

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Kevin said...

Why can Kelloggs get on the GF band wagon. I want some Corn Pops!!