Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Why Philly's Gone Gaga for Gluten Free

When my brother first sent me this article ("Why Philly's Gone Gaga for Gluten Free") I thought it had something to do with Lady Gaga doing a performance in Philadelphia while also adopting a gluten free diet.  I know, it was a little too much to dream... oh well.

Anyway, the most interesting aspect of this article were the three culprits Anthony DiMarino, director of Jefferson Hospital's new Celiac Center, identified as causes of the burgeoning prevalence of gluten sensitivity: (1) the large amount of gluten in today's diet; (2) a possible change in gluten's chemical makeup, making it harder to digest; and (3) society's germ-free obsession leading to a loss of immunity.

I had never thought about the third "culprit" he identifies as a reason for the rise in gluten sensitivity, but it is an interesting thought.  As people become more aware of sensitivities, particularly in children at younger ages, will we be creating more problems than we are solving by cutting out potentially sensitive food in a child's diet?  What do YOU think?

I know that when I was in Philadelphia I had a great, gluten free time.  I checked out Sweet Freedom Bakery with my brother (amazing!) and had a delicious celebratory dinner at Buddakan.  Both were amazing -- hopefully I'll get back to Philadelphia soon to check out some more of the city's gluten free options.

Do you love it or do you love it?
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Why Philly's Gone Gaga for Gluten Free

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