Monday, November 1, 2010

Immaculate Baking Company

Immaculate Baking Company was just what my friend Hilary and I were looking for on a recent jaunt through Whole Foods.  As I've already posted about we selected some EatPastry and, much to our surprise, it wasn't the only gluten free cookie dough available.  As I mentioned in the EatPastry post (here) I had never before experienced store-bought gluten free cookie dough so we were excited to try them.  We picked up a package of Immaculate Baking Company's Gluten Free Chocolate Chunk Cookie Dough and headed to the checkout line.

These cookies were AMAZING!  They are gluten, soy, and dairy free.  They came pre-formed in little balls and were really delicious.  Immaculate Baking Company definitely has my vote for gluten free cookie dough.  They cooked well and were delicious.  Sadly my friends and I ate them before I could snap a photo!  I'll be sure to update this post the next time I use this product.  For photos from another blogger, check out this blog post.

The only drawback?  They do use eggs.  Regardless, this product is amazing if you need to bake up some cookies quickly but don't have time to do the mixing.  I will definitely be buying this again.

Sadly, I had a little baking mishap when I was baking these cookies.  I put them in a glass baking pan which I put under cold water immediately after removing the baked cookies... whoops:

There's a reason why my sister does most of the baking at home.

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Immaculate Baking Company
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