Sunday, November 28, 2010

Harry & David's Gluten Free Section

My friend Henry came down from San Francisco to celebrate Thanksgiving with my friend Whitney and I.  We decided to get out of L.A. and head to Palm Springs for a night; I've been there once before but Henry had never been and it's close enough to Los Angeles that it is simple to go for one night.  We arrived at our hotel, checked in, and immediately headed out to Pinocchio's.  Our friend Jenn originally found out about this place and it's $3.95 bottomless brunch, served until 2:30pm.  Why I thought such a cheap bottomless brunch was a good idea remains a mystery... needless to say after a few bottles we were feeling just fine.

Anyway, after our adventures through Palm Springs we headed back to L.A. the next day and stopped at the Desert Hills Premium Outlets.  We weren't the only ones who stopped by there on this crazy shopping weekend; Lindsay Lohan made an appearance too.  While at the Outlets we stopped into Harry & David to pick up some Christmas treats for our friends (and samples for ourselves).  When I told the woman serving the samples about my gluten intolerance, she lead us to a dedicated gluten free section that the chain has set up.  While it wasn't enormous, and mostly consisted of Glutino products, I still appreciated the sentiment.  While doing another lap around the store, we stumbled upon Harry & David brand gluten free brownies and cookies!  They were in the freezer section on a separate shelf from the gluten-containing items and were individually wrapped.  I'm not sure why the woman didn't show them to me to begin with, but I'm glad I found them.  I picked up a Chocolate Chunk brownie and a Chocolate Chunk cookie.

Both were excellent!  I would definitely recommend both; I preferred the Brownie even though I'm normally more of a cookie person.  They may offer other individually wrapped flavors but I didn't look too closely.  Next time!

On the company's website there are various gluten free gift baskets available.  Check 'em out here.

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