Friday, August 20, 2010

Blackwell's Organic

I was in New York last weekend and had a great time.  I met up with college friends, high school friends, and made some new acquaintances.

My friend Carolyn and I took a beautiful long walk along the new High Line park on Manhattan's west side.  When I was last in New York in March I wasn't able to check out the High Line because of the weather; I was really excited to do so with Caro.  The park is very cool -- it's an old, elevated rail line which has been refurbished into a walkable stretch of land.  The park has ambitious expansion plans and will continue construction.  Check out the High Line's official site here for more details.

While the weather was great, we were both in need of a cool-down treat after our walk and picked up some Blackwell's Organic gelato.  I was excited to see that the Blackwell's truck was prominently marked "Gluten Free" on its side.

We both opted for a scoop of the mint chip and it was delicious!  If you're walking by the High Line and need a refreshing gluten free treat, definitely check this place out.  We picked it up from a truck parked near Washington Street and Gansevoort Street -- I'm not sure whether the truck moves locations.  Check the company's website here for more information about purchasing the goods!

Do you love it or do you love it?
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Blackwell's Organic
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Angi Kang said...

i always love it. and i also love that you hung out with caro (which i now get to do everyday). can't wait for your visit - we will make a gluten free feast to feast on when you're here. xoxo