Wednesday, June 2, 2010

PureFit Nutrition Bars

I'm not sure whether PureFit was exhibiting at the 20th Anniversary Celiac Disease Foundation Conference or if PureFit was included in the list of goodies in the reusable grocery bag conference participants were given, but either way I know I made it out of the conference with a new favorite treat.

Regular readers know that I love ThinkThin bars, but there is one glaring problem with them: they melt!  They are covered in chocolate so they are just the way I like my protein bars -- disguised as dessert.

PureFit bars have a bit more of a crunch to them than do ThinkThin bars, but have the distinct advantage of not melting (and it says so on the packaging).  Over Memorial Day weekend I went camping in Sequoia National Forest and brought a bunch of PureFit bars with me.  They were definitely lifesavers for the long hikes we took.

I would definitely recommend these bars to anybody traveling and in need of a good protein bar.  They won't melt, they have a great taste to them, and they are definitely substantial enough to keep you going for a full day's worth of activities.

Do you love it or do you love it?
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PureFit Nutrition Bars
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