Sunday, June 20, 2010

Original Thai

Way back in March I received a tip from Emily about a Thai place in North Hollywood that will use wheat free soy sauce in preparing all of its dishes.  Naturally I couldn't resist trying this place out... even thought it took me a little while to get there.  Hey, don't blame me -- the valley is FAR for us people on the other side of the hill!  And yes, I can practically hear you saying it's the same distance either way but when you live on this side of the hill it's hard to muster up the energy to cross over.  I can feel my Valley readers hating on me right now...  I'm sorry!  Don't hate me!

I finally made it to Original Thai last week with my friends Anna, Rochelle, and Hilary.  After weeks of trying to make something work with our four busy schedules, we set a time and date that worked.  I was a little hesitant to recommend this place because of a sweeping generalization I normally make about restaurants: if they have pictures of the food on the menu, it's no good.  I was hoping that I would be proven wrong by Original Thai (and also hoped that I hadn't steered Hilary, Anna, and Rochelle in the wrong direction with my choice).

We dove into our dinner by starting off with an appetizer of steamed vegetables as we had all brought our appetites after long days of work.  Hilary and I agreed to split the Pad Thai and Pad See Ew.  

So was the Pad See Ew worthy of an "ew"?  No, definitely not.  Was my use of such a horrible pun worthy of an "ew"?  Probably.  Please forgive me.

Both of the dishes were wonderful and everybody at the table agreed.  It's been so long since I've eaten Thai food that I can't offer a great comparison.  What I can say, however, is that our waitresses at Original Thai were extremely helpful and knowledgeable about which dishes I could and could not order.  I really appreciated that as I weaved my way through the large menu.

Overall we had a great dining experience at Original Thai.  It wasn't overpriced, was delicious, and was entirely gluten free.

Do you love it or do you love it?
- - -
11363 Riverside Drive
North Hollywood, CA 91602-1268 (Map)

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