Sunday, June 27, 2010

Babycakes Frosting Party

This past Wednesday night Babycakes held a Frosting Party to kick off a new concept: Frosting Parties.  The full text of the press release is below along with some pictures.  The night was a definite success, with tons of cupcakes, donut holes, and a performance by the L.A. Ladies Choir.  The donut holes were AMAZING -- I preferred the cinnamon to the glazed.  Later on, the girls brought out some glazed snow balls which were mind blowing.

It was also great to see Erin McKenna, the owner of Babycakes, who made a brief appearance in Los Angeles for the event.  She's so nice!

Text of press release: "We are having a party on June 24th to celebrate our opening and introduce a new concept to the public: Our Frosting Parties. These events will be held for Bachelorette, engagement, birthday or graduation parties. (Basically, any adult party you could imagine). People will buy out our bakery space for a night. Included in the total will be baked goods, the use of our employees, access to our frosting and frosting lessons from the best (our counter girls). 

We will provide champagne and other cocktails to liven up the party a bit! This will be a unique party idea for the entertainment industry, the chic and the innovative citizens of Los Angeles. We know these parties will flourish because it is special, fun and charming; they will be the type of events that will make people wonder, "how can I top this party?" The bad news is, they won't be able to!"

I was really lucky to have a frosting lesson from the amazing Devra.  Unfortunately I made a little mistake and dropped some frosting onto the table.  I swear it wasn't my fault -- I was holding the knife and the frosting just melted off!  Luckily it was toward the end of the night and Devra didn't kick me out (thanks!).  I can't say that I'm a master Babycakes froster but... hopefully in time I'll be able to improve my skills.

I also finally met Heather after what seems like years of tweeting.  It was great to meet a fellow gluten free blogger.

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