Wednesday, March 24, 2010

iHerb $50 Giveaway Winner!

This post is way overdue, apologies!  A few weeks ago I drew the lucky winner -- Sarah!  iHerb was so gracious in giving myself and a reader each $50 to spend in their online store.

Here are Sarah's thoughts about iHerb and the ordering process:

"Hi Stephen,

I'm happy for you to share which products I ordered from iHerb. My selections included: spirulina, chia seeds, raw cacao, Bob's Red Mill GF Hot Cereal and Polenta, and coconut Oil. I found the process to be pretty easy. had so many products to choose from and I spent a good amount of time selecting my items. It is definitely helpful if you have an idea of the things you are looking for on the site.

The staff at iHerb were helpful and prompt in their communication. When my package arrived, my container of chia seeds had a broken seal and half of the container had spilled out into the ziploc bag it was packaged in, along with a couple of other items. I immediately contacted customer service regarding the problem. They responded back almost immediately and are sending a replacement (which has yet to arrive - hopefully in tact this time!), which has already been shipped.

Most of the items were mailed in a ziploc bag either by themselves or with one other item, which in the case of the broken chia seed container, spared the box from being covered in them!


Looks like my original criticism of iHerb, that they used seperate Ziploc baggies for some of their products, may be useful for some of their products.  Interesting...

Do you love it or do you love it?
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