Monday, December 28, 2009


Whenever I travel home for the holidays, I'm shocked by the amount of gluten free food available in my small hometown.  The Celiac support group here is extremely active and has made enormous strides in making gluten free food available for those who keep a gluten free diet.  For a small, rural town, there is an inordinate amount of gluten free options.  It makes it much easier to stomach the snow and cold when I know I'll be plied with all sorts of gluten free treats.

The latest gluten free offering in my hometown is pizza.  Gluten free pizza seems to be all the rage these days, with Pizza Fusion, ZPizza, Deano's Gourmet Pizza, Fresh Brothers, Lucifer's, and Garlic Jim's all offering gluten free pizza in L.A.  Unfortunately, prior to O'Scugnizzo's gluten free offering, my hometown was severely lacking in comparable options.

With the addition of O'Scugnizzo's, however, my hometown has stepped onto the gluten free playing field in a big way.  I won't go as far as saying that the pizza is up to the high bar set by my favorites in L.A. (here's looking at you, Fresh Brothers and Deano's); nonetheless, it's a great option for pizza if you're in upstate New York.

The pizza my look strange to those of you not initiated to the cult of O'Scugnizzo's, but they always make their pizza with the cheese directly on the crust with the sauce on top.  The crust isn't made in house but is instead made by a local company and shipped to O'Scugnizzo's.  The above size is the only size available in the gluten free crust.  It's definitely more of a personal pizza than a family pizza -- there were only 4 slices.  The gluten free pizza costs $7.95, a bargain compared to ZPizza and Pizza Fusion.  Of course, those two chains exclusively use organic ingredients whereas I'm certain O'Scugnizzo's does not.

All in all, O'Scugnizzo's offers a great gluten free pizza for those of you in, or traveling through, the upstate New York region.

Do you love it or do you love it?
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3963 Oneida Street
New Hartford, NY 13413 (Map)
Gluten Free Pizza only available at this location

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Kevin said...

I live in LA too (well, WeHo). But I am from Portland, OR. That place is like Gluten Free Mecca. Every restaurant has heard of it. I even had draft beer up there. Comparatively, LA has nothing. *Sigh* But it is better than it used to be.