Saturday, November 7, 2009

Xooro West Hollywood

I've been meaning to go to Xooro's new West Hollywood location for a long time now.  However, I've called a few times and whenever I was ready to go they didn't have any gluten free churros in stock.  My schedule and Xooro's finally coincided today, and my friend Hilary and I went to check out the churro shops new location.  Xooro's first location was in Santa Monica; the link to the left was one of my very first posts here on Gluten Freeways so enjoy the throwback.

Xooro's location on Melrose is certainly cozier than the Santa Monica location; instead of the two tables that were at the Santa Monica location last time I visited, the Melrose location utilizes stools at countertops that overlook Melrose Ave.  I enjoyed setup of the Xooro on Melrose as much as I did it's Santa Monica location; the shop is located just blocks from a variety of trendy Melrose shops (Marc Jacobs, Marc by Marc Jacobs, Diesel, Fred Segal, Johnny Cupcakes, etc.) so you can see people walking outside of the shop.

I've written about the churros that Xooro serves up and the one on Melrose are no exception -- they are great!  The flavors are what really make the churros great.  Hilary and I ordered three gluten free churros and split them -- we had the Triple Chocolate, the Dulce de Leche, and Jordan's Favorite.  Unfortunately I didn't bring my camera to take pictures of the awesomeness... you'll have to go here to check out the fritters on the website.  Oh wait!  I just found a picture of the churros:

That's just a little preview of the filled churros.  Hilary and I really liked the Dulce de Leche and Jordan's Favorite; the Triple Chocolate was a little too rich for Hilary's taste and by that point I was pretty full too.  Three churros definitely does a body good.  You can also order original churros without any filling, although I would strongly recommend that you go for the filling.  

I also strongly recommend that you call the Xooro location you are going to visit to make sure they have gluten free churros available in stock.  As I said earlier, there have been times that I've called the West Hollywood location and they did not have gluten free churros on hand.  Also be mindful that the Santa Monica location is closed on Mondays (at the time of this post).  The gluten free churros also take a bit longer to prepare than do the non gluten free churros, but we didn't mind the wait.

Aside from those caveats, enjoy!

Do you love it or do you love it?

8360 Melrose Avenue #107
West Hollywood, CA 90069 (Map)
- - -
125 Broadway
Santa Monica, CA 90401 (Map)
- - -
Please Note:  I have not visited this location and am not sure if it is open yet; it is listed on Xooro's website.  I strongly recommend calling the Santa Monica location to inquire about the National City location before visiting. 

Westfield Plaza Bonita Mall
3030 Plaza Bonita Road., 2452
National City, CA 91950 (Map)

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