Friday, November 13, 2009

ThinkThin SoCal Tour

I was snacking on a ThinkThin Bites bar here in the library and decided to check out ThinkThin's websites for any updates.  I love ThinkThin bars -- they are gluten free protein bars that taste awesome.  The ThinkThin bars are covered in chocolate, low carb, and high in protein.  How can you go wrong?

I was pleasantly surprised to stumble upon ThinkThin's ongoing SoCal tour.  During the month of November and stretching into December, ThinkThin will be doing demonstrates throughout Southern California.  Check it out here for the full information or check out the dates below from the product's website.

Do you love it or do you love it?
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The Transformation Tour


14-NovSaturday11am – 2pmWhole Foods Demo~Beverly Hills
14-NovSaturday4pm – 7pmWhole Foods Demo~Fairfax
15-NovSunday11am – 2pmMothers Market Demo~Irvine
15-NovSunday4pm – 7pmWhole Foods Demo~Tustin
16-NovMonday4pm – 7pmWhole Foods Demo~Brentwood
19-NovThursday11am – 2pmMothers Market Demo~Coasta Mesa
19-NovThursday4pm – 7pmMothers Market Demo~Huntington Beach
20-NovFriday11am – 2pmWhole Foods Demo~El Segundo
20-NovFriday4pm – 7pmWhole Foods Demo~Venice
22-NovSunday11am – 2pmWhole Foods Demo~Thousand Oaks
22-NovSunday4pm – 7pmWhole Foods Demo~Woodland Hills, CA
23-NovMonday11am – 2pmWhole Foods Demo~Arroyo (Pasadena)
23-NovMonday4pm – 7pmWhole Foods Demo~Sherman Oaks West
28-NovSaturday11am – 2pmWhole Foods Demo~West LA
29-NovSunday11am – 2pmCo-Op~Santa Monica
29-NovSunday4pm – 7pmWhole Foods Demo~Santa Monica
30-NovMonday11am – 2pmMothers Market Demo~Huntington Beach
30-NovMonday4pm – 7pmMothers Market Demo~Coasta Mesa
3-DecThursday11am – 2pmMothers Market Demo~Santa Ana
3-DecThursday4pm – 7pmMothers Market Demo~Anehiem Hills
4-DecFriday11am – 2pmWhole Foods Demo~Fairfax
4-DecFriday4pm – 7pmWhole Foods Demo~Beverly Hills
5-DecSaturday11am – 2pmMothers Market Demo~Irvine
5-NovSaturday4pm – 7pmWhole Foods Demo~Tustin
6-DecSunday11am – 2pmWhole Foods Demo~Brentwood
16-DecFriday4pm – 7pmMothers Market Demo~Irvine

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