Thursday, November 5, 2009

French Meadow Gluten Free

In preparation for Halloween I visited my local Pavilions in WeHo to pick up some Halloween snacks.  My Halloween plans consisted of walking Santa Monica Boulevard -- for those of you who don't know, every year the Boulevard hosts over 400,000 partygoers on Halloween.  Since my friends and I were planning to walk the Boulevard, I was expecting people to want to walk (or stumble) back to my apartment after the night's revelries.

While I was walking around I stopped in at Pavilions' gluten free section, right near Jamba Juice.  I saw that they were excepting to receive Betty Crocker's Gluten Free mixes and had a nice selection of gluten free products.

When I did a 180 to walk away from the section, I was pleasantly surprised to see a new product from French Meadow.  I'd never seen this label before so I figured I would check it out.  Pavilions had a display with chocolate chip cookies, chocolate cupcakes with chocolate frosting, vanilla cupcakes with vanilla frosting, and assorted muffins -- all gluten free, of course.

I picked up a box of four cupcakes, a muffin, and a cookie and headed out of Pavilions armed with gluten free snacks for me and gluten free snacks for my friends (corn chips, Starburst, Skittles, some veggies and gluten free hummus).

When I got home I tried to focus on some much needed studying... but the cupcakes got the best of me.  I knew I had to try one.  They looked really fresh and, for somebody not used to fresh cupcakes (instead of the normally frozen ones), I had to dig in.  I definitely was not disappointed with my decision after trying one of these cupcakes -- it was great!  There was an initial hesitation on my part that the cupcake wouldn't taste good because it was available in a large grocery store.  I was definitely proven wrong.  Although French Meadow is based in Minnesota, these cupcakes tasted especially fresh.  While for the freshest gluten free cupcakes in L.A. I'd still turn to The Sensitive Baker, I appreciated that these were available so close to where I live.

The cupcake wasn't crumbly as many gluten free cupcakes are; instead it tasted like I remember a gluten filled cupcake tasting.  The chocolate chip cookie was great too, especially for a packaged cookie.  Again, while I prefer fresh cookies from The Sensitive Baker, French Meadow offers some of the very best packaged products I've found.  In a blind taste test, French Meadow might even be able to fool me into believing that it was a fresh cupcake -- it was that good!

The Apple Cinnamon muffin was tasty as well, however it was extremely crumbly.  When I think back to my gluten eating days (I miss the muffins in The Tower!) I remember muffins being a pastry that often crumbled.  On the plus side, the muffin was still moist and tasted just as fresh as the cupcakes and cookie.

French Meadow is an awesome gluten free brand; I can't wait to check out more of their stuff!

Do you love it or do you love it?

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Debbie said...

I previously wrote a post about French Meadow's Pizza Crust and will be releasing a post about some of their breads in the next week. Overall, it seems like a good brand. Haven't had the cookies or the brownies yet though.