Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Eat My Blog Charity Bake Sale

Great news!  I've been e-mailing with Cathy, an organizer of the upcoming Eat My Blog Charity Bake Sale.

At first I was concerned that there would be no gluten free representation at the bake sale.  All proceeds go to Los Angeles Regional Foodbank, and I was hoping to show my support.

Luckily, Eat My Blog has just released a list of some of the delicacies that will be featured, and conveniently labeled certain ones "GF" for "gluten free"!

If you enlarge the above picture you'll be able to see which ones are marked GF.  I've also reproduced the gluten free list below.  The full press release announcing the event is available here.

The event is on December 5th from 10am-4pm.  It is in West Hollywood at Zeke's Smokehouse, 7100 Santa Monica Boulevard, at the corner of La Brea & Santa Monica Boulevard.

Do you love it or do you love it?
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Eat My Blog Charity Bake Sale
December 5th, 10am-4pm
7100 Santa Monica Boulevard
West Hollywood, CA 90046 (Map)
Gluten Free Products:
Caramel Fleur de sel Macaroons
White Chocolate and Matcha Tea Macaroons
Butterscotch Budino (Pudding)
Peanut Butter Chocolate Cupcakes
Bacon Walnut Maple Fudge
Bubblegum-flavored Marshmallows
Monkey Munch
Orange and Saffron Soft Caramels
Super-Addictive Caramel Corn

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Dawn said...

Wish I could make it! I had the GF pizza at Zpizza and it was actually pretty good. Either that or I am so Gluten deprived that ANYTHING tastes good.