Thursday, November 19, 2009

Bricks & Scones

With Starbucks cutting its Orange Valencia Cake from stores with little remorse, gluten free coffee enthusiasts in Los Angeles have been struggling to find a replacement shop for their morning jolt.  The Orange Valencia Cake was truly more of a "treat" than something I would order every time.  It was also frustrating to see them individually wrapped -- such a waste of resources!

Well lucky for you coffee (and gluten free!) enthusiasts, a family run shop on Larchmont called Bricks & Scones is here to fill the void.  In the interest of full disclosure, I have to admit that I loved this shop even before it opened -- an entrepreneurial '08 Tufts alum, Jinah Kim, opened up the shop, so my Jumbo allegiances were already favoring the café.

Jinah and I go way back, having lived 3 feet across from each other in Tilton Hall our freshman year.  When she told me months ago that she was thinking about opening up a coffee shop in space her family owned on Larchmont, I tried my best to convince her that she need to have gluten free options available.

Yesterday the fruits of my pestering were unveiled in the form of awesomely delicious Carrot Cupcakes topped with delicious frosting.

It's been too long since I've had a great, fresh cupcake.  While French Meadow's cupcakes are great, there is nothing quite like being able to order a gluten free cupcake at a coffee shop alongside your gluten eating friends.

All of Bricks & Scones' pastries are made fresh and in-house, so there is no need to worry about eating leftovers or packaged products.  The carrot cupcake I had was great, and paired up perfectly with The Blaker Special -- hot chocolate flavored with pumpkin spice.  I would normally never order a carrot cupcake but when Bricks & Scones tweeted me I knew I had to get over to the shop to check out their new gluten free products.  The frosting wasn't hard and crunchy as is typical in a previously frozen gluten free product; instead it was smooth and creamy.

Jinah also told me that Bricks & Scones is experimenting with other gluten free products, but wants to perfect them before releasing them to the public.  Judging by the gluten free carrot cupcake I had last night, I have no doubt that Bricks & Scones will be able to pull off other gluten free recipes quite well.  Bricks & Scones serves up Intelligentsia coffee alongside its delectable pastries.  Jinah told me that she expects to have gluten free items available every afternoon -- you can always call ahead to make sure!

For you students out there, Bricks & Scones offers 10% off every visit with your Student ID.  And for those of you who use reusable mugs, make sure to bring them in -- you also get 10% off your visit!  The coffee shop also offers free Wi-Fi access and two floors filled with seating; the upstairs is reserved as a "Study Space" and quiet is recommended.

Bricks & Scones also has an awesome outside patio.  There is plentiful seating outside so when the weather warms up a bit Bricks & Scones will be my go-to Sunday morning place for a carrot cupcake, hot chocolate and the Sunday Times -- what could be better?

Do you love it or do you love it?
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Bricks & Scones
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Los Angeles, CA 90004 (Map)
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Dawn Walker said...

I can't wait to try them out!

lynn said...

glad to hear the gluten-free option is here - waiting for the vegan one!

Amy Ratner said...

I know what you mean about being able to walk into a shop and order a baked treat just like everyone else.
My daughter was just home from college, and we made a special trip to Sweet Sin's new cupcake shop in a nearby mall in Maryland just so she could have that feeling.
They did not sell coffee so we took our delicious cupcakes, ordered some brew at Starbucks and enjoyed it all at a table there.
Seems like such a little thing taken for granted by most people, but for my daughter it was a nice treat.
Hope your friend has great success with the Bricks and Scones!