Thursday, September 3, 2009

The Sensitive Baker - For Sale?

The Sensitive Baker, one of my favorite gluten free bakeries in L.A., is for sale.

But don't worry -- hopefully this doesn't mean it's closing. On The Sensitive Baker's blog, the owner Sandy (a wonderful woman who is always super friendly and helpful when I drop by) has provided some answers to frequently asked questions about the sale of the bakery.

On those FAQs Sandy assures her readers that the store will not close. I'm crossing my fingers tightly that it doesn't -- the bakery is awesome and is 100% gluten free (and even has some vegan treats). My personal favorite are the bagels and cupcakes, both of which are awesome.

Luckily we have Babycakes opening soon (last I heard it was late November, but nothing is firm yet), so just in case The Sensitive Baker does close we have that to look forward to!

And hey, if you have a little extra cash, why don't YOU buy The Sensitive Baker? I wish I could...

The Sensitive Baker
10836 1/2 Washington Blvd
Culver City, CA 90230 (Map)


Amy said...

I SO thought about buying it! And then I realized I have no way to get the money to do that. Sigh...

Unknown said...

Also fingers crossed I do not want you to stay without your cupcakes :-)))

A gluten-free shop is like a jewel :-)))
thanks for your blog

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