Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Ragu Products

Update:  A recent comment notes that not all Ragu sauces are gluten free anymore.  Always be sure to check every product label before purchasing (and eating!).

Great news -- all of Ragu's sauces are gluten free!

I called today because I was interested in using some of their products, and the people were very helpful. They also said that all Unilever products will mark any gluten in them explicitly.

Do you love it or do you love it?



Debbie said...

Yes, I love it. Got a Pizza Casserole recipe from allrecipes that calls for pizza sauce (which I've never bought, only made) and was wondering about Ragu. Thanks for the post and for the info. about Unilever products. I love it when a company/corporation has a policy like this. I can shop for their products with confidence.
Thanks again!

Nancy H. said...

Not ALL the Ragu sauces are gluten free anymore!

Tomato and Basil Light sauce has Barley in it. Luckily they put it on the label.

So READ the labels.