Sunday, September 27, 2009


My friend Adam texted me months ago and told me that Lucifer's, a pizza place by his apartment in Los Feliz, serves gluten free pizza.  Adam is always traveling for interviews -- jobs, fellowships, clerkships.  The boy never stops.  Luckily we were finally able to meet up and check out Lucifer's today.

Lucifer's is on Hillhurst Avenue near the Avenue's intersection with Franklin, on a strip filled with restaurants.  Lucifer's itself is very small and is not so much a restaurant but is instead more of a pizza place -- this is definitely not a place you want to go on a date!  The name may have already tipped you off, but Lucifer's has a hell theme going on.  The place seems to exclusively play Rob Zombie or similar songs

My friend and I ordered (I got the Chicken Basil Pesto on gluten free crust; Adam ordered BBQ Chicken & Bacon) and I was pleasantly surprised by the low cost -- my personal pizza was only $11.  If you've read my Pizza Fusion post, you know that my biggest gripe about pizza here in L.A. is the price.  When I recently visited New York City and ate at Mozzarelli's I realized that I was spoiled by the awesome, by-the-slice gluten free pizza there.  At Lucifer's I was happy that my wallet wasn't being emptied by a single pizza.

After an almost interminable wait (it seems that only one person was working on the Sunday that my friend and I went), our pizza was ready and we headed back to Adam's place to eat lunch.

The pizza was good, but not great -- especially with such a long wait.  Maybe it was just a fluke today, but even when the pizza was served after the long wait it still didn't seem completely warm.  The crust was okay; it wasn't paper thing but it also wasn't as thick as a gluten filled crust would be.  I did enjoy the toppings on my Chicken Basil Pesto, particularly the cashews that were added to it.  However, it didn't taste as fresh as I would have liked... instead, it tasted a little like leftover pizza (even thought it wasn't).  I may give Lucifer's another go to see if it was a fluke, because I think that some of the flavors the restaurant were serving were unique and hard to find at other gluten free pizza places.

Lucifer's may be a good option for Celiacs who live in "east" LA and are looking for some gluten free pizza; being served lukewarm pizza and the hell theme threw me off.  For anybody on the Westside, Lucifer's is not worth the trek, particularly with other options like Pizza Fusion, ZPizzaFresh Brothers, and Deano's so close.

Do you love it or do you love it?
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Lucifer's Pizza
1958 Hillhurst Avenue
Los Angeles, CA 90027 (Map)

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