Sunday, September 20, 2009

"Gluten-Free With Love"

I recently received a book to test out, "Gluten-Free with Love."  I decided to choose the simplest recipe I could find -- the Peanut Butter Cookies.

I tried them once on my own with stevia powder...and quickly realized I was very mistaken!!  I have never baked with stevia before so I didn't know which kind to buy.  Whoops.

When I went home, I offered my mother and sister the positions as my sous chefs...and they gladly made me sous chef.  I was allowed to do the bare minimum of work.

We started off with a few stolen stevia packets from our local, gluten free friendly grocery store, Peter's Cornucopia.  Stevia isn't an ingredient often used in my house, so we decided to swipe some, figuring that we were regular customers so it was okay.  Don't arrest me!

The recipe for the Peanut Butter Cookie is very simple apart from the stevia; it requires stevia, an egg, and all natural creamy peanut butter.

As per the recipe, we mixed together the three ingredients and shaped them into small balls.

Then we placed the balls onto an ungreased cookie sheet and about 10 minutes later, we had our Peanut Butter Cookies!

I was really eager to try the cookies after my previous failed experiment.  After we let them cool, we bit in.  The cookies were OK; they didn't explode with peanut butter flavor, as I would have expected them to since we used a substantial amount of it.  The cookies were also very crumbly and dry -- I paired them with a tall glass of chocolate Silk but it didn't help me enjoy the cookies more.

After our so-so time with the Peanut Butter Cookies, we looked through the recipe book to choose another recipe to prepare from the cookbook.  On my own, I decided to try the Cashew Butter Cookies (without the same terrible stevia that was my fault in purchasing).  My experience with the Cashew Butter Cookie was similar to my experience with the Peanut Butter Cookies.

Many of the other recipes (i.e.  in the book were naturally gluten free, and were not changed to be gluten free.  I appreciated that the peanut butter and cashew butter cookies were simple to put together, but I didn't love the flavors of either of them.

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Gluten-Free With Love
by Tricia Fecteau

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Lee Fecteau said...

(comment by the cookbook author):
We have found the quality of stevia to vary significantly by brand. The best tasting brand we have found is available at Whole Foods, has a green label, and is called "Sweet Leaf Stevia Plus". More information about it can be found at:

Alternatively, cane sugar can be used as a sweetener.

We have also found that some peanut butters are better than others for this recipe. You may try to use Smucker's or even ground peanuts (found in high-end grocery stores) for better results.

Sorry that these recipes did not meet expectations. We do hope you try other recipes in the book and experience better results!