Monday, August 31, 2009

Lili's 57

The final stop on my gluten free tour of Manhattan was Lili's 57. I ended up choosing Lili's because the location was pretty central for my friends and I -- some East Side peepz along with a few West Siders made it a perfect location.

I was a bit nervous about trying Lili's 57. Gluten free asian food isn't the simplest task, as exemplified by my trip to another gluten free asian food spot in New York City.

The gluten free menu has a ton of options that us gluten free eaters and not normally able to eat (outside of P.F. Chang's). Gluten free BBQ Ribs? Check. Gluten Free Rock Shrimp Tempura? Check. Gluten free balsamic teriyaki grilled salmon? Check.

I ordered the gluten free General Tso's Chicken; I thought that it would be best to go with a simple Chinese classic to see how it was. While the sauce served with the food was a bit heavy for me, I really enjoyed the chicken. The restaurant was also very aware of gluten free eaters' concerns. When they brought out our dinners, they announced "gluten free" with each gluten free item brought out. I really appreciated that, as oftentimes I am concerned that a restaurant has forgotten that my order was placed as gluten free.

I definitely recommend Lili's 57 for anybody looking for great, gluten free asian food in Midtown Manhattan.

Lili's 57
200 W. 57th Street
New York, NY 10019 (Map)

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