Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Starbucks Discontinues Orange Valencia Cake

Almost all Celiacs were extremely excited to hear the news of Starbucks creating a gluten free product for us. We were even more excited when it was released!

Unfortunately for us fans of the product, it seems that Starbucks will be discontinuing it.

The official Starbucks twitter account said: "We heard that it was too much of a treat, and not a nutritious snack. The @KindSnacks bar is replacing it." The @ is part of Twitter talk for those of you not yet tweeting.

Personally, I agree with this decision. I hope that Starbucks takes the time to do some R & D and really reach out to consumers to decide what we want. I would vote for a sandwich. I've said it before -- when I visited London I walked into a Starbucks and was shocked to find a fresh, gluten free sandwich. Why doesn't Starbucks produce an option that is viable for Celiacs to eat as a breakfast or lunch? The Orange Valencia Cake was delicious but it was too much of a dessert for my taste.

What do YOU think? And what do you think about Starbucks replacing it with KindBars?


Anonymous said...

While it was nice to see Starbucks acknowledge the gluten free eaters, orange cake has never excited me, so I never made it a point to go. And I won't for the Kind bar, either. If they replaced it with a sandwich, I'd probably make them my regular food stop when I travel. A gf brownie would get me through the doors too, but not nearly as often.

Rodger said...

I'm a huge fan of the Valencia Orange Cake. I thought it was a delicious pastry, and it went great with a nice cup of coffee in the morning. What a shame...

joan a. said...


Debbie said...

I thought it had been odd that Starbucks decided the first GF item they would offer is a dessert cake item. I was hoping for a GF sandwich, b/c most Starbucks carry premade sandwiches, and it would be great if one of them was made on gluten free bread. Sure kindbars are good, but I can buy those elsewhere. Yet, if I knew Starbucks offered a premade GF sandwich I would definitely go there.

Wendy said...

IT WAS CAKE!!!!! It isn't meant to be healthy.

If you want a granola bar, buy a granola bar.

But if you want cake...BUY CAKE!!!!

Since when does Starbucks get to be the food police, anyway? If they're so concerned about "health", then why don't they discontue the FRAP and all whipped creams?