Sunday, July 26, 2009

Fritto Misto

Last night I had the great pleasure of eating at Fritto Misto, an Italian restaurant in Santa Monica. My friend Margaux and I went after trying to check out Garlic Jim's in Pasadena with no luck at scheduling a date. Now that she has moved to the Westside of Los Angeles, it is much easier for us to meet up.

I sat down as I waited for Margaux and hungrily eyed the menu. My stomach was growling and I couldn't wait to eat. I decided to have the gluten free pasta with goat cheese, sundried tomatoes, broccoli, and a light olive oil sauce. Any dish on the menu can be replaced with gluten free pasta, or you can create your own pasta and choose your preferred meat, sauce, and extras. When I asked for the gluten free pasta, my waitress even asked me if I wanted it prepared in a separate pot. I was pleasantly surprised that the waitstaff was trained to ask about separate cooking procedures for gluten free food.

The dish was excellent. The pasta itself was just OK -- I would recommend that the restaurant try using a different kind of elbow pasta and perhaps experimenting with different brands. I did mention this to the waitress and she was receptive. However the flavors were wonderful. Margaux ordered one of the salmon specials with gluten, so I wasn't able to try it. However she tried mine, and said that mine was even better than hers! Another great part of the restaurant is that it is BYOB with a $2 corkage fee per person.

The restaurant also has a gluten free dessert available, a chocolate flourless cake. I took it him (Margaux had already promised me great gelato dessert) and ate it the next day. It was delicious!

I absolutely loved Fritto Misto. The waitstaff was helpful, the food was delicious, and there were enough great options for me to return again and again.

Fritto Misto
601 Colorado Avenue
Santa Monica, CA 90401 (Map)
- - -
316 Pier Ave
Hermosa Beach, CA 90254 (Map)


joan a. said...

Your stomach was GROWLING!!!

Anonymous said...

Did they have gluten free panini bread for the sandwiches there?

Stephen said...

I don't think they did.