Saturday, November 21, 2009

Bigelow Tea

Today was a particularly long day of school. The hours, the, the SECONDS crawled by while I had my head deep in case law research. The topic itself is very interesting, but the appeal I was reading was an appeal on procedural grounds. I won't get all legal mumbo jumbo on you here, but suffice it to say it was a boring case. Speaking of mumbo jumbo, did I ever link to one of the blogs that inspired me? My roommate in college started a blog for our university's admissions office, appropriately called Mumbo Jumbo (our mascot is the Jumbo).

Sorry for the tangent, as I said, it was a LONG day at school. I needed a bit of a pick me up at around 2:30pm, so I headed to a local grocer to search out something gluten free. I saw that there was an enormous selection of tea. I've posted about this before (here), but tea can sometimes present a problem for us Celiacs.

Luckily, I went for the Bigelow Cranberry Apple. I turned it around to read the back of the box and there, staring right at me in large letters, it read "GLUTEN FREE." Wow! It is always great when I find a new product without even meaning to.

When I got back to my desk I decided to check out the Bigelow website. After searching the FAQ section for a bit, I stumbled upon a list of the Bigelow products that are gluten free. They even did testing on certain products that contain barley and found that the gluten levels were extremely level. Imbibe in those at your own risk!

The full list of gluten free Bigelow teas can be found here.

Do you love it or do you love it?
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