Saturday, July 18, 2009

Betty Crocker Gluten Free Mixes

A lot of buzz has surrounded Betty Crocker coming out with gluten free mixes available at most grocers. The question always is: Are they any good?

Betty Crocker contacted me and told me they wanted to send me a "prize pack" with all 4 new gluten free mixes and a reusable grocery bag. The best part about the deal was that I get to give away a "prize pack" to one of YOU! Read below for further details on that.

There are four mixes: brownies, chocolate chip cookies, yellow cake, and devil's food cake. I baked all four of them before this review.

The brownies were the first recipe that I attempted. I have to admit that I am not a baker; my sister is the baker of the family and whenever I visit her I'm sure to arrive to at least three gluten free treats. Since I'm a novice baker, I chose the brownies because the directions were simplest: mix butter, two eggs, and the Betty Crocker mix together, pour into a pan, and put the pan into the oven. That's it!

The brownies were extremely simple to make and even easier to eat. They were delicious! I've had other types of gluten free brownies before, and almost none of them were as good as these.

I had varying degrees of success with the other mixes. The chocolate chip cookies were good, but unfortunately most of them came out burned. I have a tiny oven in my apartment so I wasn't able to use a true cookie sheet and instead used the same pan that I had used for making the brownies. I had to bake the cookies four at a time! It was frustrating and perhaps why they did not cook as easily as the brownies.

I set the chocolate chip cookies out when I had people over to my apartment for my roommate's birthday, and they were a big hit. Most people didn't know they were gluten free and were surprised after I told them. I think that speaks to the quality of the Betty Crocker mixes.

Unfortunately I do have have photos of the other two mixes that I made. However my experience making them was similar to my experience making the brownies -- they were simple to prepare, baked well, and were delicious!

Perhaps the best part about these mixes is that they are located at almost every market. It isn't normally easy to walk into a Ralph's, Pavilions, or Vons and find gluten free mixes. At the Ralph's I visited the mixes were also reasonably priced at $3.99. While Trader Joe's provides a cheaper mix (there brownie mix is about $2.75), I had a much easier and enjoyable experience with the Betty Crocker mixes.


Betty Crocker Gluten Free Mix Locator
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Contest Details

Check out the prize pack you could win! It comes with all four mixes, a reusable grocery bag, a pad of paper and pen!

So here are the details: there are a few ways to enter into the drawing for the prize pack. First, you can leave a comment on this post with your favorite L.A. gluten free hotspot and why it is your favorite -- it doesn't have to be something I have written about in the past! Second, for those of you not in Los Angeles, leave a comment detailing your favorite Gluten Freeways post and why it is your favorite!

Please Note that at this time Betty Crocker can only ship to the contiguous 48 states. Also please note that I must approve comments because of an issue I had with a spammer, so do not be concerned if your comment does not show up automatically.

The deadline to submit your comment is July 31st. After that I will hold a random drawing. If you decide to enter the contest by leaving a comment, please make sure to leave some form of contact with your comment so I can contact you if you are the lucky winner!

Good luck!


Anonymous said...

I would love to try these, but so far they aren't anywhere in downstate IL. My favorite posts are those about chain restaurants that have good gf options, such as PF Chang's and (for a while at least) Starbucks.

Callie Anne said...

I just discovered my new gluten-free hot spot. Fritto Misto in Santa Monica offers Gluten-Free pasta which can be used with any of their sauces. They make delicious sauces from scratch AND have flourless chocolate cake or creme brulee for dessert. Dreamy!
-Callie B

Kate said...

I really liked the lemon-raspberry teacake recipe from BabyCakes. It was really delicious. I wish I had taken pictures of how great they turned out.
Grocery stores near my house aren't stocking the Betty Crocker mixes yet, and I'm itching to try them!

Aryn said...

My faves are the ever-popular PF Chang's, and also Hugo's Tacos, which I discovered through your blog.

JennySchu said...

It's great that you are blogging about GF Los Angeles restaurants - for such a big city, it's surprising how little info I've been able to find about safe restaurants to eat at in the area. My favorite is Hugo's. It has such a big selection of GF food for all meals of the day and they have so many specials, too. Recently had a tamale omelet type thing that was delicious. And as a bonus, I can walk there from my apartment. :)

Lindsay said...

Hooray! We STILL can't get the mixes here. Some day, Betty Crocker...Some day!!!
My favorite post of yours has to be Death By Chocolate, because a girl can't have too much chocolate!! Plus, now you can make it with the BC Brownie mix. Rock on!

Kara said...

Hooray! The first time I read/found your blog was when the EH GF diet book came out. I love your blog and love seeing what you have to say about being gf.

I would love to try to betty crocker mixes they look yummy.

Unknown said...

My mom found these the other day at the grocery store and called me practically screaming! I haven't tried one yet, but maybe I will tonight. Thanks for all the great info!

Kathleen Durazo said...

Can't wait for the Betty Crocker GF Cookbook. It's time has come!!

IntempestaNox said...

Good to hear Betty Crocker is coming out with these mixes. I haven't seen them in Orlando yet, but am looking forward to them. My fav GF eats are Chipotle, Chilis (I get alot of stuff sans bread) and Fulton's (can ask for gluten free soups and such).

Breanna and David said...

My new fave hot spot... Maria's Italian Kitchen... and (this is a secret...) they just might be coming out with a Gluten Free menu very, very soon :) Find a location near you and ask them for their GF options

I have tried the GF Betty Crocker brownies... and for some odd reason- i have to eat them all- EVERY TIME! Not good on the waist line. I have no remorse...

Ryan Cates said...

We have the cookie mix on order. Our favorite gluten free LA spot? It's got to be Real Food Daily. There vegan enchiladas are the best.

Stephen said...

Ryan -- Surprised to hear about Real Food Daily. I've been there and did like the enchiladas, but that was the only gluten free friendly option on the menu!!

JennySchu -- glad you like Hugo's. I can walk there too and love it! Have to check out the brunch soon.

Callie Anne -- definitely going to check out Fritto Misto!

Ryan Cates said...

Their menu is not the most robust. They do have some good salads. I actually have had the burrito deconstructed with corn tortillas one time. Their chocolate pudding is delicious.

Chat your server up next time, they are celiac knowledgeable and can help make some other dishes gluten-free friendly.

Alyssa said...

This blog is GREAT! Helping me with all sorts of gluten free eating in LA and other places. It is so great that you thought of this idea to help people find gluten free restaurants. And the name of the blog is to die for! (Almost as good as the Betty Crocker brownies...I made mine the other night) mmm mmmm mmmm DELICIOUS! Well, keep on keeping on, best wishes.

Ethan said...

My favorite post is the one about Whole Soy & Co yogurt. I always have this stuff in my fridge.

Anonymous said...

I enjoy your blog because my family and I travel to SoCal often and we always have a new place to try that I found on your site. I can't wait to try Pinkberry!

I have made two of the Betty Crocker GF mixes and I like them a lot. It would be great to try all of them!

Chef Dawn said...

Just found your blog and am SO EXCITED!!! Can't wait to try these mixes although the Trader Joe's GF Pancake & Waffle mix ROCKS. The waffles can compete with any regular recipe I've made! The GF Brownie mix is good too! Chipotle is my favorite, minus the tortillas.

HeatherD said...

Loved the post about NEW GRIST gluten-free beer! I've tried every one and it is still my favorite (although I'm from Milwaukee so I may be a teensy bit biased). And best of all... I was just at BevMo in W. Hollywood and they have 6 packs of it now! Of course I'd rather support LOCALI... but it's nice to have more GF options! Your blog rules btw... :D