Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Z Pizza (Updated)

One of my readers tipped me onto the fact that ZPizza has a gluten free crust. I was really excited to hear that, considering I've just moved into an apartment not three blocks from a ZPizza.

I dutifully called to my local ZPizza and made sure they carried the gluten free crust (check your local shop!) and they did. I waited for a special occasion. Luckily, one presented itself. Two friends from high school drove cross country to LA from NY and stopped in to visit me for a night. We celebrated with two ZPizzas and a night out in WeHo.

The pizzas were amazing! We got a Provence and a Napoli, both on gluten free thin crusts. They were a bit pricey -- the two 10-inch pizzas came out to $26 total. Eek, I know, but for gluten free pizza I guess that is to be expected. ZPizza also has coupons on its website for members of its ZTribe organization (here). As a citizen of WeHo I got the coupons in my mailbox and will certainly be using them soon!

I think that the pizza at Deano's by The Grove (check out my previous post here) was marginally better and a little cheaper. However, since I live right down the street from ZPizza, I'll likely be visiting ZPizza more since I don't even have to drive. Just my 2 cents!

Note that gluten free pizzas are only available in the 10-inch size.

Of course, no trip to visit me here in L.A. would be complete without a visit to Millions of Milkshakes. While it may not have been the best idea at 2am, the three of us still had a good night and I think my visitors enjoyed LA!


UPDATE: ZPizza sent me a gift certificate recently so I went back to try the pizza again.  You can read my previous review above -- I liked the pizza, but was definitely turned off by the price.  It's great for a treat every once in blue moon, but with a gift certificate in hand (and a membership in zTribe) the pizza became instantly affordable.  I invited a friend over and we indulged in two pizzas -- a Casablanca and a Tuscan.  As before, I really enjoyed the flavors.  I think that I enjoyed the flavors more this time than I did last time, they really popped off the crust.  The price is still tough for me to justify; I was told that they are looking to introduce larger size gluten free crusts instead of only offering the crust in a 10-inch size.  I really do like ZPizza and think they offer a great product, but it isn't my favorite pizza.  I do appreciate their creative flavors -- I'm dying to try the Mexican.  It's infrequent that I find myself craving pizza, but it is great to know that ZPizza has various locations in L.A. and one right down the street from me.

Do you love it or do you love it?
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8869 Santa Monica Blvd
West Hollywood, CA 90069 (Map)
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Gluten Free Pizza said...

Wow that pizza looks amazing! Seems like more and more pizza places are beginning to get gluten free pizza bases delivered from places like Still Riding Pizza - great news for us!

By the way here's a great link to a video that show's how to make gluten free pizza at home from scratch!