Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Trader Joe's Rice Noodle Bowl

I just found a great new "no gluten ingredients used" product at Trader Joe's. While I refer to these products as gluten free, Trader Joe's does not because they are not created in a dedicated gluten free facility.

The new product is a Rice Noodle Soup Bowl. I've posted in the past about Thai Kitchen producing gluten free products (check that post here) and I was excited to see a similar product at Trader Joe's. The product is marked with the "No Gluten Ingredients Symbol" on the front of its packaging.

I picked up a few and brought them home, quickly whipping up an easy dinner for myself. I was not dissapointed! I enjoyed the Trader Joe's noodle bowl more than the Thai Kitchen rice noodles. I think the consistency of the seasoning is better on the Trader Joe's product. Trader Joe's products are also very cheap -- only 99 cents for each one!

Trader Joe's Rice Noodle Soup Bowls are great lunch snacks and are super easy to prepare. I highly recommend them!

P.S. Was just watching "Extra" and saw a clip about Elisabeth Hasselbeck's book. I will try and find a clip soon!

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Jen said...

Well, the price is right, that's for sure! I love the Thai Kitchen Noodles. If you say these are better, I will give them a try! :)

Thanks for the recommendation.