Sunday, June 28, 2009

Nebo Restaurant

Just a quick tip for all of you Bostonian readers (or people visiting Boston soon) -- Nebo Restaurant, in the city's North End, has introduced a gluten free menu!

I lived in Boston for four years and I always hated going to the North End. The North End is the city's Italian District with great restaurants and the most delicious-looking cannolis. I hated going there because I could barely eat anything! I'm jealous of you gluten free Bostonians that get to enjoy Nebo's menu and the North End.

The restaurant will offer gluten free pasta, pizza, and salads.

If you're a Bostonian and have checked out Nebo, leave a comment and let us know how it is.

Nebo Restaurant
90 N. Washington Street
Boston, MA 02113 (Map)

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Allison said...

Nebo is great - pizza tastes really good, but (unfortunately) they apply a $4 surcharge to all GF food. In my opinion, it's worth the cost. My family/friends have enjoyed the gluten-filled versions, too.