Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Elisabeth Hasselbeck Responds to Plagiarism

Today on "The View," Celiac author Elisabeth Hasselbeck responded to allegations that she plagiarized another author's book in writing her book, "The G-Free Diet." Check out her respond to the charges here.

My previous post on concerns from the Celiac community concerning Hasselbeck's book can be found here.

Hasselbeck's appearance on Sean Hannity plugging her book can be found here.

See my previous post on the plagiarism charge here.

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Unknown said...

Hello friend thanks for your blog.
I do not know if this is plagiarism or not, so if it is the collective need celiac more popular demand, laws that protect the proper labeling, gluten-free menus school, universities, jobs, flights ... Early Diagnosis and fast is not fair that the society we live in developing exixtan more than 70% of undiagnosed celiac patients, physicians need to join once and for all in their Procol celiquia, there are thousands of patients with serious health problems celiac coelctiv while looking the other way.

Just ask for a little solidarity for themselves, it seems that the only thing for them is importnte the preparation of dishes without gluten.
Perhaps the only vice celiac in your home?
Perhaps the celiac goes to the street?
Was it just what rentavilidad economic interest to cooking gluten-free blogs?
Excuse my anger, but not much comprondo indifference.

Thank you very much
Sonia Gluten Free ceiaca grandmother of a girl of six years